Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday favs

And after that depressing post, I've decided to write my annual favorite foods of Christmas entry - just so you'll know I'm not completely in the dumps.
1. Bigelow Eggnoggin Tea - Can't get it in Maritime Canada so thank goodness for Canada Post. Imagine tea flavored with rich eggnog but with no calories. Yeah!
2. Eggnog coffee from the Second Cup - I love this stuff even if it does disagree with me.
3. Red and white striped holiday mints
4. Purdy's Marzipan bars covered in dark chocolate
5. Garlic Pepper and Hot Jalapeno Pepper Jellies from The Galloping Cows. Sounds bizarre but it's soooo good, especially with a bit of cream cheese on crackers.
6. Clementines and pink grapefruit - probably my favorite fruits of all and the ones I absolutely can't have anymore - ever since I gave up citrus, I've had no acid reflux problems - sigh.
7. Filet Mignon steaks wrapped in bacon from M&M Meats - we had these last year and they're now our newest tradition.
8. cheese trays - I always have to try a bunch of new cheeses during the holidays.
9. shortbread cookies - and they have to be homemade. Oh my.
10. appetizers - it seems like shrimp platters and those cute little appetizers only show up during holiday parties but I could eat 'em all year long.

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