Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is lurking - hopefully?

I am at home today but I would rather be out. I'm here because I am expecting a shipment of K-cups and T-discs that include some flavours I can hardly wait to try - Peppermint Mochas or Spiced Apple Cider, anyone?
But it is truly a glorious day. So glorious, I actually cleaned the windows and storm door glasses so even more sunshine could pour in. And tomorrow, along with being sunny, it's suppose to go up to 12 C! In March, that's quite remarkable around here.
I have work that needs to be done but I confess, I've always been moved by the weather. When it storms, I want to stay inside and snuggle down with a fleece blanket, book and warming drink. When the sun shines, no matter how cold, I want to be out, moving around.
But for today, until my order arrives, I will stay here. I received several darjeelings in the mail yesterday so I will try them. For me, spring and darjeeling just go together, like mint with Christmas and peach with summer. I've tried one already and it was quite good. Maybe if I try another, I actually get something done.

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