Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween's over - let the candy sales begin ...

We had kids at the door this year! The first time in about three years and not just one or two but 15! And what's even more surprisingly is that the kids were out in the pouring rain - they were all soaked. Fireworks have been going off for hours and that's surprising too - I really didn't think they'd go off when it's wet.
Tomorrow, I'll hit the half-price candy sales - it's a November 1st tradition in this house. We look for little chocolate bars and anything by Lindt. Most of it gets frozen but it's always appreciated when it comes out on a later date.
I went cookie mad this weekend. Made four batches - 34 double chocolate chip, 15 carrot orange, 44 oatmeal raisin and 60 sugar. The biggest surprise was the carrot orange cookies - they almost taste like an orangey shortbread cookie - delish! I only made a few since it was my first time with the recipe but they worked. All the recipes come from the Company's Coming set of mini-books - the one specializing in cookie recipes.I don't like to reprint the recipes unless they're mine for obvious copyright reasons. Now I have a nice stash for the holidays and afternoon tea breaks. Of course, now that I've started, I'd like to add peanut butter chocolate chip, ginger and shortbread to that pile so we'll see but for now, I'm well stocked for home-made cookies.
With those cookies, I've been drinking Harney's Paris tea and Upton's Baker Street Blend. Works really well.

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