Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kindness works!

The sun is finally out after our most recent two-day storm. I slept in, partially because I was tired and partially because I was afraid to look outside and see how much snow there was in the driveway. When I finally got out of bed, there was a nice surprise - someone had plowed the bottom end of the driveway. There's still work to do around the car, the walkways and steps but by clearing out the bottom half, including what the city usually dumps in our driveway when it plows the street, my secret snow plower has lightened my load by at least 50 per cent. I have no idea who you are but THANK YOU!
A little bit of human kindness has gone a long way in restoring in my faith in people - I needed that - and not just from a physical standpoint.
I tried one of my new teas last night. Tangerine Orange Zinger from Celestial Seasonings is delish! It's an herbal tea with a wonderful orange flavor - when the weather warms up, I can imagine it making a wonderful iced tea. Definitely worth trying.


  1. Wow! That is really, really nice of your secret helper!!

    We usually have my dad do our driveway and around the barn area and trail behind the house, but his tractor has been in the shop for over a week... last Tuesday we had to pay someone to come and do it... still could come in and out of driveway but going to the barn was hard as the snow drifts were about waist high.

    I have a mandarin zinger tea (kcups) that I am really enjoying too.. I like anything citrus and you are right about it probably making a good iced tea!

  2. Hello,It's my first visit to your blog site.I enjoyed hearing about your secret snow friend.I'm from Southern I've been enjoying all these wintery tales from northern parts of the world.I came to your site through Linda's Friendship tea.Nice having tea with you.Please drop by any time. Denise

  3. I might have to get some of those mandarin k-cups!
    Hello Denise - hope the weather is lovely where you're at - a sunny, hot day sounds pretty appealing right now! For my tea this afternoon, I'm having a plum flavored Ceylon black tea and a just made carrot-pineapple muffin. Just the stuff to take the chill off a February afternoon! Enjoy!