Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vacation and Happy Canada Day

I have been on vacation since last Friday. Since I had a bunch of obligations to face first, including car repairs, I don't really consider the vacation to have started until yesterday. But I am on it now and have no real plans to go anywhere or do anything. I've got a stack of movies booked out from the library and an appropriate amount of junk food so I'm happy to stay right here.
Found a new source for K-cups and tried two new flavors - both are really good. Timothy's has a seasonal flavor called Winter Carnival, which is chocolaty good, and another is Orange Indulgence, a white tea flavored with orange - seriously tasty. I also got a good tip - if you don't like your tea too strong, make two cups from a single K-cup and then blend the two cups together in a teapot. Two cups for the price of one and for me, more to my taste. You can do the same with the coffee - just use a thermos to blend the two cups together. Of course, if you prefer strong tea and coffee, just ignore this!


  1. Happy Canada Day to you too! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!

    Where do you mostly buy your k-cups? I am still on the samples that came in the box and the ones from Timothy's I found at Wheaton's, but we are due to buy more soon... I found a few places online, seems like a good deal (most offer free shipping if you buy enough boxes).

  2. Tweed and Hickory ( has the best selection and prices but unless there's one near by, you have to pay shipping if the order's under $150. The shipping is a standard $9.99, I think. Future Shop also sells them and occasionally they'll have a buy four, get one free deal, which works out to about $10 a box. Haven't tried any other online places so I really don't know how reliable they are.

  3. I think I might try Free shipping over $45... and they have a lot of flavored coffees, that's what we prefer. I'll let you know!